Rabbit’s Arcade

AARMADA went all out by combining the best of 2 classic worlds: 8-bit nostalgia set in a futuristic Tron environment!  With each pixel meticulously placed, the series’ host enters the game and battles to be #1.  It’s amazing what can be created with only 8 bits!

Mr. Playboy

When it came time to bring Mr. Playboy into the world of modern animation, AARMADA designed his modern form, and brought him to life. Through a series of network IDs, you can follow along with Mr. Playboy’s life of leisure. 


AARMADA has become a go-to resource for developing Playboy Enterprises branding assets. We continue to create dynamic animations and sound design for specific series, as well as general Playboy branding animations used throughout the brands offerings. Various examples of this work can be seen below.

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