AARMADA ENTERTAINMENT is a new generation production company specializing in the creation of multi-media content for TV, film, streaming and marketing/advertising productions. Content is king and we don't discriminate on format. We can provide white-glove production services ranging from a streamline of your latest sizzle reel to producing your multi-hour series featuring a robust ensemble cast. What really sets us apart is our relentless commitment to brand/corporate storytelling, seamlessly blending it with the world of entertainment. Clients and buyers praise our character-driven stories and glossy cuts while our growing roster of creative/tech talent continues to diversify our abilities and portfolio. We offer creative and production solutions that bridge the traditional and next-generation visual media landscapes.

AARMADA also produces original short/long form filmed entertainment with laser focus on development and packaging--all from the eyes of a seasoned production team.

Partners of the company belong to various industry guilds and organizations (PGA,WGA) References and testimonials available.


Alexander Sasha Papkov ︎︎
Greg Rusling ︎︎
Rick Garrabrant ︎︎

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