Shadows of the Net is a new series at the intersection of horror, mystery, the unearthly and unfathomable. This is a REAL-TIME exploration of content that surfaced from the darkest crevasses of the deep web and features images, videos, and stories with indexes such as #Paranormal, #Unexplained, #Supernatural, #UrbanLegends, and #Mysteries, including those of #UFOs #USOs and #UAPs.  

Leaning heavily on a screen-capture format, Shadows of the Net visualizes the popular digital-horror genre and transforms it into a mystifying, constant edge-of-your seat documentary narrative--cutting away from the “desktop” only to follow our cyber search “IRL” (in real life), as well as to feature stylized reenactments that dramatize each episode’s most intriguing and hidden stories.

Shadows of the Net brings viewers “through the screen”, into the virtual space where the elements we see on our IRL computer monitors actually live. While doing so, Shadows of the Net marries the digital and the paranormal. Shadows of the Net creates an experience and internet-interface that is dark, ominous, and warped. This is not a clean Windows environment. Rather, Shadows of the Net feels like your TV has been haunted, and the hidden places rarely talked about in the clean, white world of Google have been revealed. You have gained access to the Dark Side of the Internet. 

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